Central State Hospital

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Central State Hospital

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In 1842 Central State Hospital for the Mentally Ill was built at Oconee Town. The ancient burial grounds that once rested on the property were leveled to form the foundations of the various buildings of the hospital. At one time, the asylum was the second largest facility in the U.S. housing hundreds of thousands of Georgia's men, women, children. They were committed to the institue for various reasons ranging from mental illness, retardation, or simply because they were not wanted by their families. During it's 160 year period, it saw the death of between 20,000 and 30,000 patients. Their remains are scattered over four cemeteries, which were marked only by numbers(many of which have disappeared) and today no one knows the exact boundaries of said cemetaries.

If there is one truly haunted place in Georgia, my vote would be cast for Central State Hospital. Can you imagine all the energy left behind by the abuse,neglect, and other harsh conditions these patients endured, let alone the fact they were buried then forgotten?

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