Old State Prison

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Old State Prison

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Old State Prison is located in Milledgeville was constructed in 1911. Before it was abandoned for a newer prison, 176 prisoners were executed there in Georgia's first electric chair. It is uncertain how many are buried in the cemetery behind the delapidated old facility since the graves were only marked with flimsy tin Identification markers. Through what records have been found it was discovered many of the male inmates died of head trauma while the females were buried with their infants.

Several reports of activity have arisen from the site. Reports of people being touched, pushed, or brushed past have happened not only in the buildings but on the surrounding grounds. Reports of swirling mists and even cameras snapping pictures by themselves while the operator was not holding the camera have also been reported at the site. There is even one account of someone seeing the prison light up from within by an eerie green light. Could it be the replay of the 176th Death Entence performed at the prison?

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