Van Wert Church and Cemetery

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Van Wert Church and Cemetery

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The Van Wert church is a pre-civil war structure. Many of the gravestones in the cemetery are made of slate from the area and most of the names and dates have disappeared. Many of the gravestones themselves have disappeared due to the lack of upkeep and the brittle nature of the slate. During the Civil War there was a skirmish around the church with one reported death. The townspeople were forced into the nearby hills by the Union Army and the town of Van Wert was burnt to the ground. The only building that was spared was the church because it was being occupied by Union troops. There have been many reports of floating lights(referred to as "cemetery lights") along with the sounds of screaming and gunshots which sound like a battle. The church and surrounding property is now owned by a historical society that is working hard to restore the site to it's former glory. Anyone caught trespassing will be arrested, especially after dark due to the recent outbreak of vandalism on the property.

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