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It is rumored that parts of the Berry College campus is haunted by several different spirits.
  • Between the dorms of East Mary and West Mary on the Berry College campus is a tower that has stood there ever since the college opened almost a century ago. It is rumored that a student at Berry hung herself up in the tower and was not found for days. No one knows why she killed herself. The room in which she died is now locked, but you can go to the door. It is inexplicably cold in the tower, even during the hot Georgia month of August, and it is said that if you wait there long enough in the dark, you can hear her crying her last cries just before ending her life.
  • On the road between the main Berry Campus and the newer campus is a 2 mile road bordered by woods on both sides. It is rumored that in the years before the newer campus was built Berry students would go on this section of road to fool around. It is rumored that a couple that attended Berry in the 40's were involved in a tragic accident that occurred on this stretch of secluded road. After the couple had finished fooling around they had a very heated argument and the guy left his girlfriend in the woods alone. After driving a short distance, he felt sorry for her and turned around to pick her up. While driving back to pick her up he took his eyes off the road and he hit something. Assuming it was a deer or other form of wildlife that roamed the area he got out of his vehicle to access the damage and to his horror it was his girlfriend he had run over. It is rumored the she is "The Green Lady" that wonders this section of road.
  • The final ghost story from Berry that I have heard is of a man dressed in Victorian period clothing that is spotted by students and visitors walking the nature trails around the campus. Several people have claimed to have seen him and that he just stands there and glares at you and then slowly fades away.

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