Corpsewood Manor

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Corpsewood Manor

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Corpsewood Manor was the dream home of Dr. Charles Scudder. Dr. Scudder was a professor of Pharmacology at Loyola University in Chicago when he decided to get away from city life. He purchased property on Taylor Ridge east of Trion and moved himself and his housekeeper/friend Joey Odom to Georgia. The two constructed the brick masterpiece that became known as Corpsewood Manor. The house had no running water or electricity. The two produced most of their own food and spent only the $200 a month interst off a savings account to buy what they couldn't make. Dr. Scudder and Mr. Odom lived a peaceful existence until December 12, 1982 when Kenneth Avery Brock and Tony West murdered these two men and their beloved English Mastiffs. It is rumored the two were into satanic worship, drug use, and homosexual. It is also rumored that a beastthat Dr. Scudder conjured wonders the ridge around Corpsewood Manor.

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