Barnsley Gardens

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Barnsley Gardens

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Barnsley Gardens was the conceptual dreamm home of Godfrey and Julia Barnsley. Barnsley purchased a 3,600 acre estate in 1840 between Kingston and Adairsville. He set out to build a fine brick mansion which he named Woodlands. The grand estate took decades to complete but sadly Julia died in 1844 long before it's completion. Godfrey continued to buil his fine estate after his wifes passing. It is said that the property on which Barnsley Gardens is located is cursed. Four of the Barnsley children died at early ages, Barnsley himself lost everything but Woodlands after he invested his entire fortune in Confederate bonds,in 1906 a tornado tore the roof off of Woodlands forcing the family to live in the detatched kitchen, and in 1935 a Barnsley grandson murdered his brother. In the 1980's a group of investors bought the remaining 1,600 acres , cleared the historic structure, and restored the gardens to their former glory. But even these investors weren't taking their chances, they hired a Cherokee medicine man to cleanse the property before opening the newly restored gardens and golf course. It is said that one can still see Julia from time to time in her beloved gardens and sometimes in the company of Godfrey. Three other Barnsley relatives have been sighted around the buildings and the grounds along with the occasional glimpse of a Confederate colonel in full dress uniform.

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